• It may seem that to commemorate this six hundred year old event is unnecessary and an ineffective expenditure of our energy and resources. It is true, that since the death of Master Jan Hus, many things have happened and changed. By the fact that Hus was placed in the top ten greatest Czech personalities (according to a survey by Czech Television in 2005), this confirmed, that his attitudes and principles are not so outdated and obsolete.

  • Master Jan Hus is a notable personality of Czech and European history.

    Faith, education, justice, courage, conscience, ethics and truth.

    This year we commemorate the 600th anniversary of his death with two-days of festivities in the city center – in the places where he lived, preached and taught.

  • Concerts, Choirs, Theatre, Lectures, Worship, Exhibitions, Procession, Medieval Market
    and much more awaits you at the Old Town Square,
    Karolinum and in the churches.

The Hus Celebrations 2015 will present one of the most important persons of Czech History

In July of 2015 it will already be 600 years since the martyrdom of Jan Hus, who stands in Czech history as an example of the struggle for truth and moral credibility. These Hus Celebrations 2015 will serve as a reminder of the reform thoughts and the life’s struggle of such an extraordinary man. The celebrations will take place on Sunday, the 5th of July, and on Monday the 6th of July in the center of Prague. The Hus Celebrations 2015 will offer a wide variety of spiritual as well as cultural events, including services, concerts, theaters, lectures and discussions. The main podium will be placed in the neighborhood of the memorial of Jan Hus on the Old Town Square. On the place called the “Fruit Market” you shall be able to experience the atmosphere of a... more
Martin in the Wall Church, Martinská Street 8, Prague 1
6th July
Tomas Najbrt´s concert
Lecture by Prof. J. Nechutová –– Master Jan Hus and his relevance in today‘s society
Opening of the exhibition „Peace“, Introduction K. Kolářová Takácsová
Panel discussion on the topic of the public collection
Humanitarian help for refugees from Syria
Reading of lyrics from Jan Hus
Composed programme of reading texts by Jan Hus, Oboroh – music
The projection of the documentary film „Return to Homs“ about the war in Syria
The winner of the independent Sundance Film Festival 2014
Discussion with photojournalist Jarmila Štuková and projection of photos depicting a refugee camp in Iraq
The Bethlehem Chapel in Prague, Bethlehem Square (Betlémské náměstí), Prague 1
6th July
Ceremonial unveiling of the artwork on the Bethlehem Chapel wall